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Ranger 500


Ranger 570 HD EPS


Ranger XP1000 HD EPS



Two decades ago, the RANGER 6x6 vehicle was introduced and revolutionized the side-by-side category.

Mitchell Johnson, son of David Johnson - one of the founders of Polaris, remembers how the initial idea came to be.
“We had talked from time-to-time about making a side-by-side ATV for a driver and passenger. One day,
Edgar Hetteen [one of our founders] came to my office and said we should make a 6x6 in a side-by-side configuration,
he loved the machine but wanted to ride beside his wife Hannah.”

Four concepts were explored as two important features were debated - ride-in vs. ride-on and handlebar vs.
steering wheel. Eventually, the shown concept (left) was selected, with a ride-in and steering wheel design,
and ultimately, became the first RANGER.

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