Elders Bairnsdale now offer the very best in hot dipped galvanised trailers and trailer parts, whatever you are looking for we can get it! 
All trailers meet the Australian standard and are Australian designed.
All the parts are ADR approved.
Weare now a one stop shop for your trailer and accessories.
With the skills of our staff and the many options available, we can source trailers to suit your individual needs!
We can now offer many different galvanised trailers to suit your needs such as:

  • Box Trailers 
  • Bike Trailers
  • BBQ Trailers
  • Cage Trailers
  • Off road Trailers
  • Car trailers
  • Canopy Trailers
  • Hydraulic Tipping Trailers
  • Lawn mower Trailers
  • Tradesman Trailers
  • Tandem Trailers
  • Stock/Cattle Trailers
All different sizes
6x4, 7x4, 7x5, 8x5, 9x5, 10x5, 10x6, 12x6, 14x6, 14x6.6
We will also be able to source all parts needed if ever you need them! 
Call us today on (03) 5153 6100  to ensure you get not just any trailer, but the right trailer!